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Woodlot Development Corporation is a real estate development company focused primarily in East Tennessee.

Their operations include property development, property investment, construction rehabs, and forestry management. Although not required by the state, Woodlot’s priority is to incorporate green, energy efficient building techniques and products into the construction of their properties, which include use of solar panels and wind turbines.

Woodlot Development Corporation’s newest project is a commercial lot, located on the south-side of Chattanooga, along East 14th Street. The lot will include two structures: The J. Martin Building and the Alta Townhouses.

The J. Martin Building will be a four story, mixed-use building consisting of two commercial spaces on the first floor and eight apartments on the remaining three floors. The apartments will include four, one bedroom units and four, two-story, two bedroom units.
The Alta Townhouses will consist of two, two-story townhouses.
Future tenants will have parking available between both buildings, in addition to a pet area.

Woodlot’s additional projects include the construction rehab of residential properties in Knoxville and they’re currently consulting on a property development project on Market Street in Chattanooga.